Voice Mail 5000 Instructions

Accessing Your Mailbox

  1. Dial ______-5000
    OR *97 if you're calling from the phone your voice mail is assigned to.
  2. Mailbox number: Press # if calling from the phone that your voice mail is assigned to.
    OR enter your 7-digit telephone number followed by # if calling from a different location.
  3. Password: Enter the default password of four zeros (0000) followed by #.
  4. Change password: as prompted.
  5. Return to Main Menu.

Main Menu Options Include:

Main Menu Options

Setting Up Your Mailbox

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 9 from the Main Menu (Mailbox Set-up).

Set-Up Menu Options Include:

Set-up Menu Options

A stutter dial tone (a steady beeping tone similar to a busy signal) will alert you that a message is waiting.

Changing Your Password

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. From the Main Menu press 9 (Mailbox Set-up).
  3. From the Set-Up Menu press 2 (Change Password).
  4. Enter your new password, then press #. The password is any series of up to 16 digits you choose. You will be unable to access your mailbox without this password, so be sure to choose one you will remember.
  5. To verify, enter your password, then press #.

Auto Login

From the Set-Up menu, you can enable or disable the Auto Login feature by pressing 4 and following the prompts. The Auto Login feature allows you to bypass mailbox number and password entry when calling from the telephone your voice mail is assigned to.

Note: Auto Login is not password protected. Anyone accessing voicemail from your telephone can listen to your messages if Auto Login is enabled unless they press ** to access another mailbox.

Record Or Change Greeting

  1. Access your mailbox.
  2. Press 9 from the Main Menu (Mailbox Set-Up).
  3. Press 1 from Set-Up Menu (Greeting Options).
  4. Press 2 and record your greeting.
  5. Press # to end your recording.
  6. Press 1 to listen to your greeting.
  7. Press * to return to Main Menu.

Greeting Menu options include:

Greeting Menu Options

From the Greeting Menu Options, you can create multiple greetings by pressing 5 and following the prompts to record and choose each greeting number 1 - 9.

Retrieving Messages

Once you have accessed your voice mailbox your current messages will begin to play (if you have older messages that you've previously saved, you will be asked if you want to hear new messages or saved messages).


From the main menu press 1 (Message Retrieval). Then choose between 1 (New Message) or 2 (Saved Messages).

Note: After you have listened to your messages, you need to save or delete the message in order to TURN OFF your message indicator (stutter dial tone) and /or light indicator.

To Un-Delete A Meessage:

Don't hang up. Follow the voice prompts to listen to the messages. Once you have played the message you had marked for deletion, press 4. The message will then be saved as new.

Message Retrieval Menu Options Include:

Message Retrieval Menu Options

When you place your order for voice mail, you can choose the number of rings (3 - 9) the calling party hears before voice mail answers.

Voice Mail to Email

  1. Check your email as you normally would.
  2. When you get a voice mail message, you will receive an email from "vmail@ndtel.com" delivered right to your inbox.
  3. Open the attachment and you media player will play the message.
  4. If desired, save the attachment on your computer.
  5. Follow the links in the message to save or delete the message from the Voice Mail System.