Three - Way Calling

This service lets you add a third person to your conversation.

To Add A Third Person To Your Conversation

  1. Press the switch hook once, firmly (1/2 second), and release immediately.

  2. This puts the original call on "hold".

  3. Listen for three short tones, then a dial tone.

  4. Dial the telephone number of the third person to be added. After the third person answers, you may talk with that person before returning to the original call.

  5. To return the original caller to the line and complete the three-way conversation, press the switch hook once firmly, (1/2 second), and release immediately.

Note: If the line is busy or doesn't answer, cancel the three-way call by pressing the switch hook once. Continue the original conversation or try again.

To Remove Either Person From the Conversation

  1. The original called party just hangs up to disconnect.

  2. The third person is removed by your pressing the switch hook once and releasing it immediately, or by the third person simply hanging up.

To Add a Different Person

  1. Perform a "remove" step.

  2. Then repeat the first 5 steps.