Speed Calling

Speed Calling provides one-digit codes for up to 30 of the telephone numbers you call most. You can dial both local and long distance calls with Speed Calling.

To Add or Change a Speed Call Code Number

8-Code Speed Calling:

  1. Listen for dial tone, then dial activating code 74 #.

  2. Listen for a second dial tone, then dial the Speed Calling code number (2 through 9) to be changed or added.

  3. Next, dial the local or complete long distance number you want assigned to that code number.

  4. Two short tones indicate the new code and telephone number combination have been recorded.

To save a number using Speed Calling 30...

  1. Listen for dial tone.

  2. Dial 7 5 #, (or dial "75" on your rotary phone).

  3. Listen for a second dial tone.

  4. Dial a two digit code for each number (20 through 49), followed by the telephone number the code represents.

  5. Two short tones indecate the number has been stored.

To place a call...

  1. Listen for dial tone.

  2. Dial one of the Speed Calling codes followed by the # button.

  3. Your call will go through after a short pause.