Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls automatically to any other telephone you can dial within the continental U.S.A. without the assistance of an operator.

To Activate

Dial *72 and dial the number you would like to forward your calls to. It will call the number you are forwarding to.

If they answer: Talk for at least 2 seconds and the feature will be activated. (If answering machine or voicemail answers it will consider the call answered.)

If they don't answer: Hang up & immediately dial *72; enter number to forward to. You will hear 2 confirmation beeps if feature is activated.

To Deactivate

Dial *73

Some Things To Remember

  • Call forwarding continues until you deactivate it from your telephone.

  • You can still make outgoing calls from your telephone while Call Forwarding is established.

  • A short ring will be heard whenever your number is called to remind you your telephone calls are forwarded. You cannot answer these calls. If other persons use your telephone, let them know when incoming calls are being forwarded especially if they are expecting an important call.

  • Don't forget to tell the person who will receive your calls that you are using Call Forwarding especially if you will not be where your calls will be forwarded.

  • You pay applicable charges, if any, for calls forwarded from your telephone.