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Junk Email Filter from NDTC & Postini

NDTC utilizes the Postini filter to help you manage your email. There are two different filters that come with Postini. One is a VIRUS filter that ALL NDTC customers get at no charge. The other is a Junk Email (spam) Filter. This service can be added to your NDTC account for only $1 per month. Both services can be found in what is known as the Message Center.

NDTC installed Postini directly on the NDTC servers so there is nothing to put on your computer. The filters run BEFORE the mail is delivered to your system. When you subscribe to the Junk Email Filter, you may receive an email from NDTC Support that informs you that a potential email virus has been detected and has been quarantined in your NDTC Message Center. You can either ignore this message, and in 14 days the email will be automatically deleted, or you can log into your message center and read the message without infecting your computer and then choose Fix & Deliver, Deliver As Is, or Remove the suspect email. We recommend that you have a good quality anti-virus protection software program installed on your computer and update it regularly to protect your computer from other viruses.

When you subscribe to the Junk Email Filter, just log in to your Message Center and set up how you want your email filtered. Unless you asked us to set your filters to aggressive when you signed up, the filters are set very low. If you want stronger filtering, you will have to set the Filter Categories, Filter Sensitivity, Blocked Senders, and Approved Senders to the levels you want them.

Postini Message Center
After you log into your Message Center, you will see the above area on your screen. Click on the Junk Email link to set your filter preferences.

After clicking the Junk Email link, you will go to an area where you can adjust your filter settings, allow certain email addresses, and block certain email addresses or domains.

At the upper right hand corner you can change your password, add alternate email addresses, access the help section, and log out.


Postini assistance links:
Postini Customer Help
Postini FAQ

I would like to sign up for the Junk Email Filter now:
goNDTC (or Stellarnet) Login Name: First Name:
Telephone Number: - Last Name:

Yes, I want my email filter set to aggressive now. (Aggressive Settings)
No, I will set up the email filter myself. (Lenient Settings)
If set to aggressive, you should log into Postini daily to check for email that may have been inadvertently filtered, and add that sender to your approved list.

I understand that NDTC will add $1 per month to my telephone bill for the Junk Email Filter from NDTC and Postini.

*May take up to one business day to process.

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