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The ultimate broadband internet experience that lets you do all the things you love, faster! You can count on our speed and reliability.

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Streaming, surfing, email, online banking, homework, research and more! As more of your time is spent connected to the internet, you need faster speeds and superior reliability from your broadband internet connection. NDTC's state-of-the-art fiber-optic network delivers exactly what you need! Our packages offer speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second and they meet the needs of the casual surfer or the family with laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs and more, up to the super user looking for Gig speeds!

GIG Certified Provider
Gig-Certified Provider
We're proud to be a Smart Rural Communities Gig-Certified Provider, offering customers broadband internet speeds so fast, the gigabilities are endless! Call to learn more about our Fiber-fed, sonic fast, high-speed broadband internet.

Internet, television and phone package

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Combine our dependable broadband internet, TV, and phone services with the options you want.


What is Fiber

NDTC continues to expand our network with fiber-optic technology that has virtually limitless capacity for data, and is an excellent long-term communications solution. Fiber to the premises (FTTP) allows customers access to crystal-clear telephone service with advanced features, gigabit broadband internet speeds, and Wi-Fi to upload, download, and connect faster, and digital television service entertainment.

Enjoy faster internet on us.

NDTC has automatically increased speeds or reduced rates for our current broadband internet customers. No action is required on your part -- just sit back, relax, and enjoy all that faster internet has to offer!

FiberZone Broadband Internet


Receive a $20 discount on your internet when you add a phone line!
Download Speed Upload Speed /month*
+ Blazing fast speeds for simultaneous downloads, streaming, file transfers, etc. You won't find faster speeds than NDTC's Gig. Super users welcome!
up to 1 Gig 1 Gig $149.95
FiberZone 500
+ HD Streaming, gaming and more for multiple users & devices
up to 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $109.95
FiberZone 250
+ Streaming video & music and light gaming for 7+ devices
up to 250 Mbps 250 Mbps $79.95
FiberZone 100
+ Research, banking, light streaming for 4-6 devices
up to 100 Mbps 100 Mbps $59.95

*Plus applicable taxes and possible equipment charges, depending on your install. Speeds where available.

Early Termination Fee: A signed agreement is required. If services are discontinued before six (6) months, an early termination fee of $50 will apply.

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web hosting

Free Personal Webpage Hosting

NDTC offers 10 megabytes of space for personal webpages free of charge to our broadband internet subscribers.


Managed Wi-Fi

Put Your Home on Autopilot

As your broadband internet service provider, NDTC wants you to have the ultimate internet experience. Managed Wi-Fi is a monthly service that allows us to manage your wireless network, starting with an innovative Wi-Fi 5 router that will support your existing devices and is robust enough to handle future devices!

Let us worry about software and firmware upgrades to the router, so it is always at peak performance.

  • Strong wireless signals
  • No upfront wireless router costs
  • No hassles with upgrading or replacing outdated wireless routers
  • NDTC Support with remote access for remote troubleshooting

Mesh-Enhanced Managed Wi-Fi

  • Complements your Managed Wi-Fi experience by transforming your home Wi-Fi coverage and enabling the GigaCenter (Managed Wi-Fi) to intelligently adapt to today's increasingly complex home Wi-Fi environments.
  • Allows streaming video, gaming, and other online applications to run at their optimal performance throughout your home.

Contact us to learn more about Managed Wi-Fi.

GIG Certified Provider