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July 2015


Shop in Your Own Backyard and Reap the Savings

Shop in Your Own Backyard

Happy July 4th from NDTC

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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

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Dog Wants A Kitty
Watch the suspense as this "talking" dog tries to discover whether or not his owner brought home a kitten for him to play with.
  They Grow Up So Fast
Through a series of clips, this video portrait highlights the similarities and differences of a young girl going from newborn to age 12.


Even Superheroes Watch NDTC TV

We are happy to announce that our TV upgrade is complete!

NDTC TV Customers are now enjoying new features including:

  • A WHAT'S HOT App showing the most popular programs to watch.
  • WEATHER information available at the touch of a button.
  • Restart TV allowing you to watch a program already in progress from the beginning.
  • A My Services application giving you online access to your DVR recording service.

Thank you for choosing NDTC as your service provider. We appreciate how patient you've been during this transition.

For information about the upgrade, visit us online at: Call us at 662-1100 with any questions. We would be happy to assist you.


Free Featured Apps – These Three Are Well Worth A Look

Google Earth
Candy Crush Soda Saga

This app helps you make great-looking collages for Instagram. It comes with templates, filters, stickers, frames, backgrounds, and more for fun with photos.

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Google Earth
With this app, you can see shots of Earth, as well as the moon, Mars, the sky, and the ocean. Or view fascinating historical imagery.

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Candy Crush Soda Saga
Can't get enough Candy Crush? Download the latest version, which lets you match your way through new adventures of delicious gameplay.

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To Know What's Below, Call 811 Before You Dig!

Remember, there could be much more than roots and earthworms underground. Before you do any digging on your property for a home improvement or landscaping project, you need to call 811 first. This will allow buried wiring and other utility lines to be located before the project begins. By taking a minute to make this call, you could prevent days of disruption to services in your neighborhood.

NDTC thanks you for your cooperation in this community effort.


Scam Alert – "Shocking Video" Scams On Facebook

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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15 Easy Summer
Grilling Recipes
No-Bake Treats
DIY Hammock Bed
For Lazy Summer Days

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In July

Go Outside And Play  – Interactions with nature are key for developing an appreciation for the environment, and this site invites readers to make a pledge to "go outside and play!" It also provides great resources to help you do it, like tips for nature walking, family-friendly wilderness fun, camping, and cooking.
Add To Your Music Knowledge – If you love music, you'll love this site, which offers a wide range of musical information. Watch videos of "songs trending this week," or test your knowledge with music quizzes. Check out the top 100 song charts going all the way back to the 1900s, or find out what song was #1 the day you were born.
Give Your Oven A Summer Break – With warm summer weather, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven. But, you can still eat well by following the recipes on this site. You'll find plenty of hearty and refreshing dishes that are as delicious as they are easy to prepare.
Makeover Your Table – What do flowers, cabbage, strips of paper, and lollipops have in common? You can use them all to make fun, easy centerpieces to add color and whimsy to your table the next time you entertain. This Real Simple gallery gives you great ideas for all kinds of occasions.

This Month's FAQ – What Do I Do If My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked?

Question: I've seen some tweets that I didn't post, and I suspect my Twitter account has been hacked. How can I know for sure, and what can I do about it? Download Graphics to View

Answer: Often Twitter hacking is evident from tweets you didn't post, as with your situation, or direct messages sent from your account, email changes, or other activity that you didn't authorize. If you even suspect your account has been hacked, follow the steps below:
  1. Request a password reset. Use the password reset form within Twitter, and check for the reset email at the address associated with your Twitter account. Log on and immediately reset your password to one you'll remember.

  2. Revoke connections to third-party applications. To do this, visit the Apps section in your settings. Remove access for any third-party applications you don't recognize. Then, update your password in remaining third-party applications.

  3. Log out of Twitter on your phone or other devices. Next time you log on, you'll be asked to provide the new password.

  4. If you still need help, contact Twitter Support.

We hope you found this newsletter to be informative. It's our way of keeping you posted on the happenings here.

Thanks for your business!

Best regards

Dave Dircks
NDTC General Manager

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Devils Lake, ND 58301

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Phone lines are open until 6pm

Repair Center is also available on Saturdays from 8am - 5pm

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vailable 24/7:
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